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Spiritual discipline is the cultivation of Love. Be full of Love; taste the exhilaration that Love can confer. Let everyone see you exuberant with light and joy.

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Expansion is Life. Expansion is the essence of Love. Love is every urging and surging for expression and enlargement. Love is God. Live in Love.

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Knowledge without action is useless;

Action without knowledge is foolish. – Baba

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         All living beings are actors on this stage. They make their exit when the curtain is rung down or when their part is over. On that stage, one may play the part of a thief, another may be cast as a king, a third may be a clown, and another a beggar. For all these characters in the play, there is only One who gives the cue! The prompter will not come upon the stage and give the cue in full view of all. If He does so, the drama will not interest anybody. Therefore, standing behind a screen at the back of the stage, He gives the cue to all the actors, regardless of their role — be it dialogue, speech, or song — just when each is in most need of help. In the same way, the Lord is behind the screen on the stage of Prakriti (Creation), giving the cue to all the actors for their various parts.

– Dhyana Vahini, Chap 6: "Meditation reveals the Eternal and

the Non-Eternal

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The best way to love God is

To Love All and Serve All. – Baba

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    Let love flow so that it cleanses the world.

Then man can live in peace, instead of the state of turmoil

he has created through his past ways of

with all those material interests and earthly ambitions.


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                                           Love lives by giving and forgiving. – Baba

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                                                     "There's none in the world who has been able to see Me."-Baba

Quote 93 " Love is the only Offering I accept" - Baba

                                      "Love is the only Offering I accept" 
                                                           ~~  Baba~~

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                     Develop the unshakable conviction that the Divine is present in everyone. Then there will be no
room for developing differences of any kind. Conflict and disorder will have no place. Likes and
dislikes will go.

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There is no need to seek the Truth anywhere else.
Seek it within you: you are the miracle of miracles.

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Be Silent yourself,

that will induce Silence in others